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In Mona Lisa’s eyes…

The Mona Lisa identity was always subject to debate; who is this woman? Where does she come from?

The Mona Lisa, or Mona Lisa’s portrait is a painting by the Italian artist Léonard de Vinci, realised between 1503 and 1506 and acquired by François Ier.

This portrait by Léonard de Vinci crossed the centuries without revealing all its secret.

The story takes place in Paris, more exactly in the Louvre Museum where the Mona Lisa’s portrait is exposed. If this painting is undoubtedly the most famous portrait of the world, it’s also the most mysterious and analysed painting. 

Died in 1519, Léonard de Vinci took to his grave the secret of Mona Lisa’s identity. For many years, several researchers have tried to identify the most famous face of the world but it was in vain. Historians and scientists from all over the globe came to examine the portrait and attempt to solve the mystery.

An investigation takes us in Rome, in Italy.

Silvano Vincenti or « the detective of art », have made an incredible discovery which has questioned the identity of the Mona Lisa.

Thanks to a magnifying glass and by observing closely on the portrait, he saw symbols  in the iris of Mona Lisa’s: the letter S in the right eye and the letter L in the left eye.

If for some of people, this theory seems far-fetched, for Silvano Vincenti this letters simply correspond to the initials of the painter and his model. L for Leonard while S would refer to a rich family named Milanese Sforza. Many woman could have correspond to this name but historically speaking it seems obvious that Mona Lisa is Bianca Giovanna Sforza, the illegitimate daughter of Lodovico Maria il Moro Sforza and cousin of Isabella of Aragon.

Bianca Giovanna Sforza

But that’s not all, for Silvano Vincenti the portrait of the Mona Lisa would actually be the combination of two people.

So It’s your turn to analyse Mona Lisa’s eyes and to discover her mysteries!

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