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Secrets of Paris (6/10)

An urban jungle

Paris… What an extraordinary city filled with monuments, shops of all kinds, gardens, terraces of coffee … In Paris, just raise your head to have your eyes full!

For its sixth secret about your favorite city, Urban Flat in Paris, presents you the wonderful Alpine garden hidden in the heart of Paris, in the garden of plants in the 5th arrondissement.

Not known, the Alpine garden is well hidden, it is almost buried, located 3 meters deeper than the terraces, to create a rugged terrain.

Around 1930, botanists had the original idea to gather in the same garden, and that in Paris, many plants from various corners of the world (Alps, Mediterranean …).

As you believe, it took the best gardeners to create an environment that resembled their home environment.

But by the way, how can we access to this famous secret garden?

Only a tunnel can discover multiple carnivorous plants or ferns. It will be necessary to follow the rails where the carriages of the gardeners used to circulate.

This is the ideal place to escape and enjoy a nice walk with family or friends.

57 rue Cuvier, 75005 Paris  

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