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The 2nd arrondissement, the ideal district for a Parisian stay

Located on the right bank of the River Seine, the 2nd arrondissement of Paris is one of the oldest and smallest neighborhood of the city. Well known as “Bourse” it is an important financial district of Paris, yet it is as well a residential and trendy district. Demarcated by big boulevards, it is the district of historic Quartier du Sentier, home to the textile, and the lively Montorgueil. Despite its central location, the second arrondissement is not as touristy as some of the other arrondissements. It is, without a doubt, the ideal district for a stay in Paris and for a real Parisian experience.

A very central location

Relatively close to the biggest attractions of Paris such as the Louvre and the Tuilerie Garden, few steps down the narrow streets of the 2nd arrondissement will lead you to some of the liveliest places in town. While located in the heart of Paris, there is plenty of subways that will take you in and out of the 2nd district: Sentier, Etienne-Marcel, or Bourse. Although the greatest thing about this area is that you can easily access any other areas by foot like the Marais, Les Halles, and the Louvre-Tuileries district.

Food journey in the 2nd arrondissement

In the heart of the 2nd district is the vibrant and iconic pedestrian Rue Montorgueil with a village-like feel. Boasting some of the best fish, meat and cheese markets in the city along with famous pastries, cozy bars, boutiques,  family and bars diverse enough to please traditionalists and hipsters alike. Not too far from there, you can walk to Rue Saint Anne where mostly only locals meet to eat the best Japanese food of the city.

Shopping Gateway

The 2nd district of Paris is well known among Parisian and worldwide fashion lovers. At Rue Tiquetonne and rue Etienne-Marcel, shopping addicts will be thrilled by the amount of designers boutiques, concept stores and second hand shops.  And at the end of Rue Etienne Marcel, you will reach the Place des Victoires one of Paris hidden gems and one of the five Royal squares of the city.

Explore Paris like a local

Walking a bit further north, you’ll reach the glamorous area of “ Les Grands boulevards” housing the biggest theaters in town and covered passageways built in around the 19th century.  We highly recommend you to go to Passage du Grand Cerf near Rue Montorgueil and Passage Vivienne near Metro Bourse. Housing few landmarks to take note of, the 2nd district of Paris is well famous for the Jean-sans-Peur Tower, the last remains of the palace of the Dukes of Burgundy as well as the Musée du Barreau de Paris located in cellars dating back to the 1600s, you’ll get to learn about Paris trials through old manuscripts and arts. Looking for apartments to rent in the 2nd arrondissement? It is the ideal district for a Parisian stay, especially if you are the type who likes to travel off the beaten track.

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