À faire à Paris!

The covered passages of Paris

Paris is known for its passages and alleys, but what about covered passages?

Often spectacular, the covered passages of Paris are full of beauty and deserve a detour.

The Passage des Panoramas located in the 2nd district of Paris, between the Boulevard Montmatre and the rue Saint Marc is made up of restaurants, and walking stamps and postcards.

The Brady passage, nicknamed Little India, offers various restaurants and shops in Mauritius, India, or Pakistan. It is located in the Xth district.

The passage Verdeau is a rather out of time place where different antique dealers offer you unpublished products.

A few steps from our agency is the Caire passage. Being the longest and narrow, it houses the majority of ready-to-wear wholesalers in Paris.

Listed as a historical monument since 1974, Galerie Vivienne is surely the most luxurious. The mosaic floor and refined shops, will not leave you indifferent. The latter is also located in the 2nd district.

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