Découvrir Paris

The most beautiful hidden streets of Paris

The street of Thermopyle

This small corner of the 14th arrondissement of Paris has a street for which we would be ready to cross the entire capital. The bucolic charm is worth the detour. This street offers an unusual view of Paris with its greenery and cobblestones.

Crémieux Street

This street is not really secret anymore because it is more and more known to the misfortune of its inhabitants. The latter is a jewel for photography lovers thanks to its colourful facades and wall decorations.

The street of Mouzaïa

The street Mouzaïa is hidden in the heart of the nineteenth arrondissement. To pass is a real journey, there are small houses and large villas decorated with greenery and colourful flowers.

Street of the Chantier 

This narrow-paved street is one of the oldest streets in Paris. It used to be the street of craftsmen but has kept all its history, thanks to the numerous merchants who are still there.

The Durmar City

The hidden treasure of Rue Oberkampf allows you to go back in time and escape. This street does not leave indifferent and for good reason: there are pieces of bodywork, giant frames, artists’ studios, or flowers.



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