À faire à Paris!

To your diaries!

“A moveable Feast” is the translation title of Ernest Hemingway’s book which means in french “Paris is a party”. Nothing is more true than this quote.  The year 2019 is just begun, and yet the Parisian festive calendar is already full! In order to inform you of future events and help you to organize your future trip to the capital, Urban Flat in Paris already gives you some dates to note on your diaries. From February 5, 2019: The Chinese New Year If you want to be out of town while staying in Paris, stroll through Paris and especially in the 13th arrondissement during the Chinese New Year: exhibitions, shows, ceremonies will liven up the city and will be as beautiful as interesting to watch. A reason for us to celebrate again the New Year!   March 3, 2019: The carnival of Paris Travel or scroll by watching or participating in the carnival of Paris. Wear your best costumes and adults as children scroll on the theme “one for all and all for sport”. The carnival will start from Gambetta Square and will end at the Republic Square.   May 2019: The night of museums As every year for 15 years, when the beautiful days arrive, more than 1000 museums are open one night in the year to introduce to all audiences exhibitions, concerts or activities such as treasure hunting in the middle of the night. Discover a new Paris night! Culture and fun are waiting for you.   June 21, 2019: The Feast of Music One of the annual must-attend events, La Fête de la Musique allows Parisians and Franciliens more generally to invade the streets, coffee shops, bars and restaurants to party in music. Take out your instruments and your most beautiful voices, the Fête de la Musique awaits you to welcome the summer as it should be. A wide choice of concerts is offered to you.   July 14, 2019: the National Day Do not miss the military parade on July 14th, emblematic event of France: fireworks, firefighters’ balls. Celebrate the nation as it should and discover the Champs Elysees in a different way than all year long.  
September 2019: The techno parade
For the 21st time, electronic music gets its day. For all fans of electronic creations, come listen to artists or even amateurs in the streets of Paris.   From Friday 20th to Sunday 22nd September 2019: Heritage Day Visit monuments and cultural sites for free during the weekend of September 20th. You can enrich your culture and discover new places to see Paris in a different light.   The night of Saturday 5th to Sunday 6th October 2019: The White Night For the 18th year, the white night in Paris will allow you to visit museums for free all night as for the Night of Museums, and this time will offer more animation all night in the streets of Paris suitable for all audiences.   From 9 to 13 October 2019: Harvest Festival Montmartre changes its style from 9 to 13 October: colorful shows and open-roofed exhibitions are waiting for you on the heights of the Butte de Montmartre.

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